3 Best Halal Stocks in Pakistan You Should Know

Islamic capital market is a part of the capital market system. The activities in the Islamic capital market are in line with the capital market overall. However, the products and activities should comply with shariah principles. One of the products of the Islamic capital market is Islamic stock. It is a security in the form of share that is not against shariah teaching. Therefore, Muslim investors must invest in halal stock. Investing in halal stocks will prevent the investors from prohibited transactions and activities.

Pakistan is one of the Muslim countries that has developed Islamic equity investment. Many countries have their criteria for the screening method. Pakistan Stock Exchange and Meezan Bank Limited have established the screening benchmark to monitor the compliance status of businesses and stocks.

KSE Meezan Index (KMI-30) is the most popular shariah index in Pakistan. In addition, this index comprises the 30 most liquid shares in the Pakistan Stock Exchange.

Therefore, In this short article, Musaffa attempts to provide the list of the three best halal stocks in Pakistan.


Three best performance Islamic shares in Pakistan.

Based on the data Musaffa collects on the investing.com website, three stocks have the best performance during these three years. The stocks are:

NoSymbol NameCompany NameMarket ValueDividend YieldFinancial RatioFinancial Shariah Compliance3 Years Return
1SYSESystems Limited106.36 B3.18 %PassedPassed764.40 %
2AVANAvanceon Limited32.59 B0.38 %PassedPassed132.23 %
3MEBLMeezan Bank Limited222.95 B5.00 %PassedPassed128.91 %
Notes: the currency is in PKR

If you are interested to invest in halal stocks in Pakistan, the list above might be a reference for you. That is to say that the companies have good performance. Furthermore, the return within three years exceeds 100 %. So, do not hesitate to begin your investment journey.

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