A New Challenge: Is This Stock Halal?

New Challenge Alert: Search any stock in the world and find out if it’s Halal or not?

As Muslim investors, we couldn’t find a screening solution that would cover all stocks in the world. We checked other screening platforms but were disappointed when we couldn’t find stocks. We desperately wanted to see if they were Halal or not. So we decided to build one.

We started a journey that no other company dared to take. We launched Musaffa Screener – which would cover every existing stock in the world. Not only that, we guarantee that it’s the world’s most accurate halal stock and ETF screener. We deployed 110,000 stocks (tickers) already coming from 71 different stock exchanges across the globe to our platform. Just go to musaffa.com. On the first page, you can find a search button. Type any stock and check out its Shariah Compliance status.

When you find your favorite stock on our search list and click on it, you are directed to see the company profile.

You need to sign up to see the results. Don’t worry it’s Free. And you can see the screening results right away.

If you can’t find the screening result of your stock for any reason, no problem! You can make a request on the platform, and we will screen & analyze the stock for you within 48 hours guaranteed.

Feel free to sign up for our free stock screening services at musaffa.com.

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