All You Need To Know about Studying Islamic Finance at Durham University

Durham University is a public research university situated in England and offers the best Islamic Finance education. It is the third oldest university in England for more than 600 years, after Oxford and Cambridge. Especially, its programs in Islamic Finance come among top rankings for both quality and reputation. Durham Islamic Finance postgraduate programs provide professional education and training in relevant areas of Islamic finance and banking. The university offers the following programs for Islamic Finance learners :

Durham Islamic Finance Summer School
MSc Islamic Finance
MSc Islamic Finance and Management
PhD by Research

Durham Islamic Finance Summer School

Durham University offers Islamic Finance Summer School which is an intensive five-day program. The school organizes this program every year for professional and academic researchers, bankers, and financiers. Though the program’s target audience is more for academics and students, the program welcomes anyone who wishes to learn more about developing the Islamic Finance sector. The common subjects that speakers cover at the Summer School including:

  • Developments and Trends in Islamic Banking and Finance Industry,
  • Islamic Fund Management, Screening, Social Responsibility,
  • Economic Foundation of Islamic Finance,
  • Continuous Quality Control for Islamic Financial Portfolios,
  • etc.

Postgraduate programs

Besides the summer school program, The University also designed Master programs to expand your understanding of issues in Islamic finance and develop analytical skills to be at the frontier of research in Islamic Finance. Especially, MSc Islamic Finance and Management program that teaches management-related skills as well to Islamic Finance students. You can study seven core modules such as Islamic Accounting, Islamic Management, and Islamic Political Economy courses.

In addition, conducting cutting-edge research in Islamic finance, banking, management, and economics is highly recommendable for PhD research students in Islamic Finance. Durham Doctoral Training Centre for Islamic Economics and Finance provides an opportunity for such research. The school also offers unique research methodology and skills-related courses for PhD students.

Durham speaker series

The university provides an excellent opportunity for networking with Islamic Finance experts. Furthermore, all students can participate in presentations and lectures from different organizations, including European and US banks, clearinghouses, hedge fund companies, and stock and futures exchanges. Durham University also sponsors and supports international conferences on Islamic Finance. Moreover, It organizes such events in collaboration with well-known institutions such as the International Shari’ah Research Academy (ISRA), Malaysia, and Islamic Research and Training Institute (IRTI) of the Islamic Development Bank.

Durham is internationally renowned for its advanced education and deep research materials on Islamic Finance. For almost thirty years, the Durham Centre for Islamic Economics and Finance has had an international reputation for teaching, conducting cutting-edge research, and publishing in the fields of Islamic economics, banking, and finance. Many of their graduates and Summer School participants have gone on to work in the Islamic finance industry or to teach Islamic economics and finance all around the world.

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