Australia Halal Investing for Your Financial Planning You Need to Know

Australia Halal Investing is starting to develop although still in the early stage. It is still in the early stage because lots of incoming Australians are more worried about making a stable life for their family. So they do not have much time to think about helping the financial institution’s development. The country only has 2.6% Muslims of the total population. However, Australia has made a significant development of Islamic finance.

Despite the amount of conventional financial institutions in Australia, it has developed a sharia-compliant investment fund manager in their society. So that both Muslims and non-Muslim can arrange their best financial planning for a better future. To do halal investing in Australia, here are two halal investment managers you can choose:

1. Piety Investments

The first company that can help you is Piety Investments. It was established in Sydney. They focus on structuring and managing Shariah-compliant investment funds. Piety covered both residential and commercial real estate throughout Australia. They offer property trusts to foreign investors looking for taking advantage of Australian real estate. As a result of major immigration and natural growth, the demand for excellent commercial and residential housing continues to rise as the population grows fast. Piety Investments handled a number of large-scale residential projects prior to obtaining their wholesale Australia Financial Services License.

2. Crescent Wealth

The second company that will help you with halal investing is Crescent Wealth. They received regulatory clearance in February 2013. The trustee of Crescent Wealth maintains a registrable Superannuation Entity License (signed by APRA) and an Australian Financial Services License (signed by ASIC). They offer Australians an interesting superannuation alternative that aligns with Islamic principles so that the community will retire in dignity. Crescent Wealth’s purposes are educating, contributing, and collectivize the wealth of the Muslim community.

Piety Investment and Crescent Wealth both contributed to a noteworthy advancement in the Australian Islamic finance market.

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