BYD’s Revolutionary SUV: Luxury Meets Uniqueness at the Geneva Car Show

China’s BYD took the automotive world at Tuesday’s Geneva car show by revealing its Yangwang U8, a luxury plug-in hybrid SUV with a unique twist: it can float. This innovation is not just a novelty; it’s a safety feature designed for water emergencies.

Not Just Any SUV

The Yangwang U8 isn’t your average vehicle. Weighing about 3.5 metric tons, this SUV boasts an array of futuristic capabilities. With four electric motors, one attached to each wheel, it can navigate in ways most cars can’t dream of. 

It can park sideways, mimicking a crab’s movement, and even spin around entirely on the spot. These features highlight BYD’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of automotive design and functionality.

China-Exclusive, For Now

Currently, the Yangwang U8 is available exclusively in China. However, BYD is open to bringing this innovative vehicle to international shores. 

According to Guillaume Calvar, BYD’s marketing manager for France, there’s a possibility that the Yangwang U8 might find its way to European markets, albeit with some adjustments to suit local preferences and regulations. “We’re exploring its appeal,” Calvar noted, indicating a cautious but open-minded approach to global expansion.

Sales and Future Plans

Since its launch in November, the Yangwang U8 has seen promising sales figures in China, with 3,653 units sold by the end of January. Priced at 1.098 million yuan (approximately $152,550), it’s positioned as a premium offering in the market.

In addition to the U8, BYD introduced the Yangwang U9 sports supercar, further expanding its luxury Yangwang brand. With pre-orders starting at 1.68 million yuan, BYD is keen to impact the high-end segment significantly.

While the focus remains on its electric and hybrid range, along with the launch of its premium Denza brand, BYD has yet to finalize plans for introducing the Yangwang brand in Europe. The company’s strategic moves in the coming months will be closely watched as it navigates the complexities of international markets.

A Glimpse Into the Future

BYD’s showcase at the Geneva Car Show is more than just an exhibition of new models; it’s a statement of intent. The Yangwang U8 represents a blend of luxury, innovation, and safety, offering a glimpse into the future of mobility. 

As BYD continues to explore the potential for international expansion, the automotive world waits in anticipation of what’s next from this pioneering company.

Source: Reuters

Is BYD Co Ltd’s Stock Halal? A Detailed Analysis

Understanding Halal Stock Screening Criteria

When evaluating whether a stock is halal, it’s essential to consider three critical aspects of the company’s operations and financial structure. These criteria ensure that investments align with Islamic principles, focusing on permissible business activities and avoiding excessive interest (riba).

  • Business Activity: A company must primarily engage in halal (permissible) activities, with the combined value of non-halal and doubtful sources not exceeding 5% of total revenue.
  • Interest-bearing Securities and Assets: The total value of the company’s interest-bearing securities and assets should not surpass 30% of its market capitalization.
  • Interest-bearing Debt: Similarly, a company’s interest-bearing debt, whether short-term or long-term, must also be below 30% of its market capitalization.

BYD Co Ltd: A Closer Look

BYD Co. Ltd, a leader in the electric vehicle and renewable energy sectors, has been scrutinized under these halal screening criteria to determine its compliance with Shariah principles. The figures presented below are under the Shariah screening results of the 2023 annual report.

  • Business Activity: BYD’s involvement in non-halal business activities is minimal, with revenues making up only 0.48% and doubtful income corresponding to 0.48% of its total. This figure is well below the 5% threshold, indicating a strong alignment with halal investment criteria.
  • Interest-Bearing Securities and Assets: The company’s interest-bearing securities and assets account for 16.72% of its market capitalization. This is significantly under the 30% limit.
  • Interest-Bearing Debt: With interest-bearing debt at just 6.31% of its market capitalization, BYD demonstrates a low reliance on interest-bearing financial instruments, further affirming its compliance with Islamic financial principles.

Compliance Status: Halal Stock

Given these factors, BYD Co. Ltd’s stock is classified as halal. This reflects the company’s adherence to Islamic financial criteria, and the business screening results imply that it mainly engages in business practices that are ethically and religiously permissible.


BYD Co. Ltd presents a viable and compliant option for investors seeking to adhere to Islamic principles. Its operations and financial strategies align with the core tenets of halal investing, making it an attractive choice for those looking to invest in the green technology and electric vehicle sectors without compromising their religious values.

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