5 Halal Investment Apps You Must Know

5 Best Halal Investment Apps

Muslim investors mostly invest in companies that generate revenue via halal options. Nowadays, most Muslim investors are in search of halal investment apps. Whether you are in the office or outdoors, you can open your investment app and start investing.

We want to walk you through some of the most reliable and halal investment apps of today.


Wahed Invest

Wahed Invest is another halal investment platform. It entirely obeys the rules and regulations of Sharia law, and you can invest or do business with companies that are only Shariah-compliant.

The investments in Wahed are screened for interest, securities, and high debt. Importantly, they are certified as Sharia-compliant by the Sharia Review Board as per the AAOIFI standards.


Robinhood allows clients to use third-party screening services to find the companies that follow Sharia rules. So, you can use it as a Shariah-compliant investment platform. In this way, as a user of Robinhood, you can invest in securities that entirely follow the basic principles of Shariah.

Robinhood charges no commission from its clients and keeps them updated with the latest stock and other securities news. This helps clients not to miss any opportunities to increase their wealth.


Wealthsimple a reliable online investment platform. Through the WealthSimple app, you can invest in companies that follow Sharia rules and regulations. As a client of Wealthsimple, you do not need to go through the hassle of adjusting your portfolio and selecting funds to invest in. It works in a simple way. You can deposit and withdraw money. Furthermore, Wealthsimple lets you invest globally to reduce the risk of loss.


Fundrise is an investment platform that is different from other investment platforms because it allows its clients to invest in private real estate instead of stocks. It keeps the price of real estate at a minimum by purchasing through negotiation. Furthermore, clients can create diverse portfolios starting with just one investment.


Musaffa is Islamic trading, investment, and financial education platform. The platform aims to attract investors seeking to align their money with their values and faith. Since Islam’s ethical guidelines so much develop with other religions, non-Muslims can also use our platform effectively. Align your investments with your faith.

You can search for stocks an unlimited number of times and find out whether or not your searched stocks are halal (Shariah-compliant) using our stock screening service. It is completely free.

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