Halal Investment In Bangladesh: A Complete Guide for Muslim Investors

Bangladesh is one of the countries that is progressively accepting Halal investment possibilities. Therefore, halal investment is one of the developing points in Bangladesh. In addition, Bangladesh has many opportunities to develop this sector further. Today Musaffa gives you another interesting and useful blog about Halal stocks in Bangladesh. It will provide you with a full overview of all Halal Stocks in Bangladesh and help you to have a clear idea of it so that you can invest without worrying. If you’re a Shariah-compliant investor looking to trade stocks and equities in Bangladesh, then this blog is for you. You also can find a list of Halal Stocks in Bangladesh below.

Before we get into the details, let’s go over some fundamental notions concerning Shariah-compliant investing in general.


What is Halal Investment?

Shariah-compliant investments are those that adhere to Shariah standards. Accordingly, these investments should be riba free. As a result of the financial environment, we live in, creating a Shariah-compliant investment can be difficult at times. Therefore, Shariah scholars with financial experience have established specific regulations and standards for Shariah-compliant investing.

What are Shariah Screened Stocks?

First of all, the business activities screening should be made before choosing the stock. A stock is deemed Shariah-compliant if it does not involve in prohibited activities. Afterwards, four financial components must be screened before claiming it Shariah-compliant

  1. Impure income earned through “interest” or other suspect earnings
  2. Cash and debt compared to Total Assets or Average Market Capital
  3. Debt compared to Equity or Average Market Capitalization
  4. Account Receivables

Halal Stocks in Bangladesh

Additionally, we provide you with a graph that shows the percentage of halal equities in Bangladesh. Shariah-compliant stocks account for about 39% of all stocks listed in Bangladesh. Moreover, It provides Muslim investors in Bangladesh with ample opportunity to trade in Shariah-screened stocks. Therefore, we can say Bangladesh has really good opportunities for Muslim investors.

Top 3 stocks in Bangladesh

TickerNameSectorShariah Compliance
GRAM BDGRAMEENPHONE LTDCommunications ServicesCompliant

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