Halal Investment Opportunities in Kerala

Halal investment opportunities in Kerala is one of the developing points. Moreover, Kerala has many opportunities to develop this sector further. This article will give you another interesting and useful blog about Halal stocks in Kerala. It should provide you with a full overview of all Halal investments in Kerala. It helps you to have a clear idea of it so that you can invest without worrying. If you’re a Shariah-compliant investor looking to trade stocks and equities in India, then this blog is for you.

Before we get into the details, let’s go over some fundamental notions concerning Shariah-compliant investing in general.


What is Halal Investment?

Shariah-compliant investments are those that adhere to Shariah standards. Accordingly, these investments should be riba free. As a result of the financial environment, we live in, creating a Shariah-compliant investment can be difficult at times. As a result, Shariah scholars with financial experience have established specific regulations and standards for Shariah-compliant investing.

What are Shariah Stock Screening?

First of all, You need to screen the business activities of a stock. A stock is deemed Shariah-compliant if it does not involve in prohibited activities. Afterwards, four financial components must be screened before claiming it Shariah-compliant

  1. Impure income earned through “interest” or other suspect earnings
  2. Cash and debt compared to Total Assets or Average Market Capital
  3. Debt compared to Equity or Average Market Capitalization
  4. Account Receivables

Halal Investment Opportunities in Kerala


Property is one of the most common and reliable halal investment options available in Kerala. As the industry of real estate industry is developing, you can see major property investments in Kerala. There are several cities in Kerala that offer good opportunities for property investment. If you are going to start investing, then you can come up with quite good opportunities for halal investment in Kozhikode. You can earn usually 6% in a year or even as high as 10% or above. In addition, the property is a fantastic option for someone who doesn’t want to take on too much risk but yet wants to put their money to work in something other than a savings account.


The land has always been the most common halal investment option in the traditional period of investment. However, several investment firms now offer a land investment platform that is compliant with Islamic banking. The basic concept is that these corporations buy land in a smart manner and then sell it for a great profit.


The stock market is the best option as the best long-term investment option. When it comes to investing in stocks, you have two choices: either choose your own firm or invest in mutual funds. However, if you’re seeking a halal investment alternative, be sure the fund is sharia-compliant.


Considered as a traditional and physical store of safety when it comes to the overall economy, Muslims have satisfaction in their investments made in gold

These are a few of the halal investments found in Kerala. Whenever you are planning to go for halal investment options, make sure you invest in companies that work in accordance with Sharia principles.

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