4 Halal Stock Screener Apps You Must Know

4 halal stock screener apps

As a Muslim investor, you can be curious if the stock you are interested in is ethical in nature or not. Indeed, you can utilize the following 4 halal stock screener apps to check it. According to the Accounting and Auditing Organization for Islamic Financial Institutions (AAOIFI), the Halal Stock Screener app assists in filtering and finding Sharia-compliant stock options globally.

Let’s look through 4 halal stock screener apps:


Finispia is a stock screening tool designed for clients who want to trade with halal shares and stocks globally. You can search by company name or ticker. Of course, with the help of Finispia, you can check if the stock you want to purchase is halal or not. Usually, the result is represented based on 5 mainstream Islamic investment methodologies. Besides, in Finispia, you can use third-party brokers to trade considering your country, and you can start trading easily.


Islamicly is an advanced, halal stock screening tool. This Platform has access to 30,000+ international Shariah-compliant stocks. Certainly, you can find all information about stock from the stocks’ details page. Furthermore, in islamicly, you can create a portfolio where you can see information about stock changes, value changes, and compliance levels of stocks.


Zoya is another reliable, easy-to-use, and user-friendly stock screener. At Zoya, you can go through shariah compliance reports for about 12,000 US, UK, and Canadian stocks and groups separate stocks. Moreover, if the compliance status of your stock changes, you can receive an email update. Also, Zoya offers alternative halal stocks to your non-compliant stocks.


Musaffa is Islamic trading, investment, and financial education platform. The platform aims to attract investors seeking to align their money with their values and faith. Not only does our platform let investors trade Shariah-compliant securities, but it also serves as an Islamic Finance education platform where investors can learn more about investment fundamentals and how to invest in Shariah-compliant assets, including stocks and ETFs.

Additionally, we conduct intense financial and operational screening of all securities under coverage to filter out non-Shariah compliant securities. You get results based on AAOIFI’s Screening methodology.

Currently, our platform hosts over 9,000 stocks and ETFs for the U.S, Malaysian, and Indonesian markets. Surely, we will cover more stocks from different countries. 

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