How Islamic Finance Guru Can Help You Learning Islamic Finance

How Islamic Finance Guru Can Help You Learning Islamic Finance

Islamic Finance Guru And Its Goal

Islamic Finance Guru (IFG) is one of the most reliable hubs that serve for the sake of Muslims (and non-muslims) to make halal investments and to start personal Finance and entrepreneurial journeys. Their ultimate goal is to make the Muslim community better off. They believe they can fight against discrimination and poverty by taking Muslims one step further from their poorest current status.

Islamic Finance Guru Services

Islamic Finance Guru’s website provides high-quality articles and courses on Islamic Finance. Their authors are industry experts and always professional and neutral in their explanations.
IFG articles and online courses cover different topics related to Islamic Finance and entrepreneurship. Experts try to tackle controversial Islamic finance questions and explain the issue in detail. For instance: IFG offers a course called Halal Investing for Busy Professionals Course in which it provides tips on how to distribute your wealth and how to build a halal portfolio, halal savings account, halal property investing, risk management, and more. You can have free access to many videos uploaded on IFG’s YouTube channel. Here is their YouTube channel link for your reference:

Moreover, the IFG offers Zakat Calculator services too. It is designed for investors, and it is free of charge.
IFG Fund Replicator service offers top funds in various sectors, and it removes out haram stocks sharing only the halal list with you. Furthermore, IFG Fund Replicator recommends the best halal stocks for you from that list. However, it has an annual subscription of £149.99. Once you subscribe, you will have access to all the features of Fund Replicator. In addition, it includes a Sharia-compliant list of 200+ UK Small Cap companies. These stocks are screened manually by IFG’s advisor, Mufti Billal Omarjee.

IFG Compare Halal Investment Options help you find halal investment filtering options.
IFG reports that more than 100,000 users rely on their analysis, helpful instruments, and sharia commentary every single month. To build good relationships and to engage better, IFG has created a telegram group as well. They have an incredibly active audience with 100s of followers. They Followers exchange ideas, throw questions and find answers through this telegram group.

Co-Founders of IFG

Ibrahim graduated from Oxford University, majoring in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics. He holds MA in Islamic Banking and Finance from Markfield Institute. Moreover, he completed the Islamic Jurisprudence program at Al-Salam Institute. And he has several certificates and qualifications in Finance.
Ibrahim has lectured on different topics, including zakat, investment, and Islamic Finance at universities. Furthermore, he has several years of work experience as a lawyer and investor.
Mohsin also holds a degree from Oxford University focusing on corporate and commercial topics. He worked for one of the largest corporate law firms as a corporate associate. He understands the importance of the modern retail environment and Islamic Finance and how they can work together.
They try to combine commercial and Islamic expertise with real-life examples and help Muslims get ahead of the poorest position.

Musaffa Islamic Finance Academy

Musaffa is a New York-based Fintech company providing free shariah stock screening, Muslim Community Forum, and a fully Shariah-compliant trading investment platform. Besides, It also provides Islamic Finance education in its academy where you can learn about Islamic Finance and Halal Investment. You can understand important investment terms and fundamental concepts to make a better halal investment. Moreover, blog articles on the academy cover the most interesting and necessary questions that are asked by Muslim investors. Soon, the academy will start offering educational courses and videos for better understanding. This educational learning platform is free for everyone who wants to learn about Islamic finance and halal investment.

To read more about Islamic Finance related topics, please click here and visit our academy.

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