Important Contribution Of Islamic Finance Unit of The Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies

The Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies is a home for many researchers in Islamic Finance Unit, and its representatives were made up of scholars and statesmen from around the world. It is another recognized center of the University of Oxford, which was founded in 1985. The Centre provides study options for a variety of aspects of Islamic culture and contemporary Muslim societies. The Centre members are active in different departments, faculties, and colleges across the University of Oxford.

The centre researches Islamic finance in collaboration with several international financial institutions, including the Securities Commission, Malaysia.

Islamic finance Unit of the center aims to: 

  • create a global hub for study and research on contemporary issues faced by Islamic Finance;
  • support the new ideas related to Islamic Finance;
  • boost the understanding of Islamic Finance in the UK and Europe.

Islamic Finance Unit of the center organizes the following activities to achieve its set goals.

Research and Publication: The Centre of Oxford welcomes Islamic Finance researchers to contribute to the publication output by producing their papers on the topics related to Islamic finance. Specifically, it offers scholarships to encourage and support scholars to research and publish their articles without financial difficulties. For instance, The Visiting Fellowship in Islamic Finance program accepts one or two researchers per year since 2012. So far, researchers have published their papers in a variety of international journals, including the Academy of Accounting and Financial Studies Journal, Journal of Islamic Finance, the International Journal of Emerging Markets, Journal of Islamic Accounting and Business Research, Journal of Managerial Finance, and International Journal of Islamic and Middle Eastern Finance and Management.

Seminars: The center organizes seminars and workshops on Islamic finance as well. For example, in 2018, the center organized the Newton Researcher Links Workshop ‘Developing an agenda for FinTech research in emerging economies. 

Debates, conferences, and roundtables: in 2018, the center hosted a new forum, ‘Perspectives on Islamic Finance,’ to engage in regular multidisciplinary discussions on Islamic finance. Moreover, the Malaysians organized the 9th annual SC–OCIS Islamic Finance Roundtable in Kuala Lumpur on 24–25 March 2018. They shared ideas on ‘Enhancing the Value of Islamic Capital Market through Social and Impact Investment.’ 

The recent years witnessed the strengthening of the Centre’s Islamic Finance Unit more. In addition, this center takes an important part in developing Islamic Finance knowledge. The center contributes to Islamic Finance by gathering the researchers, hosting impactful events and forums, and bringing together the industry practitioners and academics to work on the development of Islamic Finance.

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