Joe Bradford: An American Islamic Finance Scholar You Want to Know

Joe Bradford is an experienced American scholar in Islamic Finance, specifically in corporate finance, retail, treasury, and compliance.


He holds both Bachelor’s and Master’s level majoring in Islamic Law from the University of Medina. Moreover, he completed Certified Financial Planning Program from Rice University in 2016. So far, Joe Bradford has published six articles with different topics related to Islamic Finance on his website. He was involved in Islamic Financial Studies for more than 20 years. He is proficient both in English and Arabic.

Work Experience

Joe has various experiences at Islamic Finance Institutes. He worked as a consultant, shariah advisor, board member for different companies and banks.

Joe worked as Senior Shariah Consultant and Vice President for AlRajhi Bank between 2008 and 2011. He trained bank employees in teaching banking processes at AlRajhi Bank. Moreover, he is an expert at Zakat services and is employed as a Zakat advisor for several companies.

Furthermore, his role as a Shariah Advisor at Zoya. Finance has contributed to bringing value to the life of Muslim investors. Zoya offers halal investing options for Muslims and helps you to build a Shariah-compliant investment portfolio. Joe is an Ethical Finance Advisor to everyone at home and abroad, holding key Islamic finance positions.

Joe Bradford is also an entrepreneur, and he is the Co-founder of It is an online Islamic Estate Planning platform that is both Shariah Compliant and legally valid. He tries to democratize Islamic Finance by making estate planning easy for Muslims.
As the principal of, Joe advises businesses and individuals to build a comprehensive plan that is in line with their financial health, goals, and values. He helps people of faith and conviction to align their values with their finances as Muslims.

Extracurricular activities

Notably, Joe offers online courses on a variety of topics such as “Zakat,” “Financial literacy for Muslim women,” “Muslims, Marriage & Money Masterclass,” etc.

He delivers speeches at community events, khutbas, or conferences. He brings value to any organization and event that he participates in. Certainly, he has written many interesting articles, books, and published entries on Islamic Finance. These materials are based on his professional interests (such as finance & Zakat), academic interests (such as early Islam and Islamic law), and recent news in the world of Islamic Finance.

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