Know What Industry Experts Say About Islamic Fintech in 2021

Know What Industry Experts Say About Islamic Fintech in 2021

The International Islamic Fintech Forecast 2021 represents outstanding insights into the Fintech industry. Here picked for you the professional opinions about Islamic Fintech 2021.

…The post-covid 19 era will necessitate higher anticipation over a mouse click by the customers, but finding the top talents, accessing required capital, and becoming regulated will hinder the growth of the Islamic fin-tech sector in 2021. Fintech offers cost-effective, efficient, and agile financial solutions to serve the ever-changing expectations of customers. This will fuel the quantum leap growth for the Islamic finance industry and may enable it to exceed the expectation that Islamic Finance global asset value will surpass $3.69trillion by 2024.

Muath Mubarak
Manager at Amana Bank PLC, Sri Lanka

“..The top 5 growth sectors for Islamic fintech in 2020 and beyond are expected to be peer2 peer and crowdfunding, Challenger Banking, Blockchain and Crypto, Robo Advisory and PFM(Personal Financial Management), and Lending. Islamic Finance Network (IFN), in its report on Islamic Fintech 2020, identified the ASEAN Region as presenting the biggest growth opportunity for Islamic Fintechs over the next 12 months.”

Hamid Rashid
Founder, Finterra

“Most of the countries around the globe have prioritized their digital transformation projects for the year 2021. Islamic Fintech industries have seized the opportunity and embraced fin-tech-based innovative financial services, and it is expected that fintech innovations could add 150million new customers to Islamic banking by 2021. COVID-19 will prove to be a blessing in disguise for the Islamic Fintech industry.”

M.Kabir Hassan
Professor of Finance
University of New Orleans, USA

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