Nikola Founder Sentenced to 4 Years for Misleading Investors

New York, United States — Trevor Milton, the founder of Nikola, an electric and hydrogen-powered truck manufacturer, received a four-year prison sentence on Monday. Milton was convicted of deceiving investors about the company’s technology, resulting in a significant drop in its market value.

The Sentencing: A Moment of Reckoning

Milton, 41, was found guilty on three counts last year, including securities fraud and wire fraud, with a potential maximum sentence of almost 34 years. During the sentencing, an emotional Milton pleaded for leniency, citing his inexperience as a CEO. However, Judge Edgardo Ramos, underscoring Milton’s use of social media to falsely promote Nikola, imposed a sentence that included a $1 million fine, three years of supervised release, and the loss of a Utah ranch. Although the sentence was less severe than the 11 years requested by prosecutors, it marked a significant punishment for the entrepreneur.

Comparisons and Consequences

The prosecution drew parallels between Milton’s case and that of Elizabeth Holmes, the Theranos founder sentenced to over 11 years for fraud. Judge Ramos noted differences in the nature of harm caused by the two, with Holmes’s actions leading to “very real life harm.”

Milton’s Legal Battles and Nikola’s Downfall

Milton’s defense team signaled their intention to appeal the verdict and sentence. He remains free on bail pending the appeal. U.S. Attorney Damian Williams emphasized the sentence as a warning against corporate fraud, particularly in start-up environments.

Nikola’s journey from a high-flying start-up to a cautionary tale was accelerated by a report from Hindenburg Research, labeling the company an “intricate fraud” and accusing it of overstating its technology capabilities. This report surfaced shortly after a significant deal announcement with General Motors in 2020, leading to a steep decline in Nikola’s market value.

Financial and Legal Aftermath

Milton faces multiple civil lawsuits, including one from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Additionally, an arbitration panel awarded Nikola $165 million from Milton for damages related to his actions. The company also settled civil charges with the SEC for $125 million in 2021. Nikola’s shares, which once peaked at over $60, have plummeted to less than $1.

Conclusion: A Cautionary Tale for the Industry

Trevor Milton’s sentence closes a chapter on one of the most dramatic rises and falls in the electric vehicle industry. It serves as a stark reminder of the consequences of misleading investors and the importance of ethical leadership in the corporate world.

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Is Nikola Corp Stock Halal? A Shariah Compliance Analysis from Musaffa

Overview of Nikola Corp

Nikola Corp was a trailblazer in zero-emissions transportation and infrastructure solutions, and also made significant strides in the clean energy sector. With its headquarters nestled in Phoenix, Arizona, this burgeoning enterprise boasts a robust team of 1,500 dedicated employees. Marking a significant milestone, Nikola Corp went public on January 11, 2021. The company prides itself on being a dynamic technology integrator committed to innovating in the realms of energy and transportation. Its operational framework is divided into two primary units: Truck and Energy.

Criteria for Determining Shariah Compliance of a Stock

Shariah compliance in the stock market is gauged using specific criteria, ensuring that investments align with Islamic financial principles. Musaffa employs the AAOIFI standards to analyze the company’s compliance status:

  1. Business Activity: A key measure is that the income from non-Halal sources and doubtful sources should not surpass 5% of the company’s total revenue. This encompasses gross sales and other forms of income.
  2. Interest-bearing Securities and Assets: To be deemed Shariah compliant, a company’s total interest-bearing securities and assets (including both short and long-term) must not exceed 30% of its market capitalization.
  3. Interest-bearing Debt: Similarly, the proportion of interest-bearing debt, encompassing both short-term and long-term debt, should remain below 30% of the company’s market capitalization.

Shariah Compliance of Nikola Corp’s Stock

Upon scrutinizing Nikola Corp’s financials and activities in the light of these criteria, the following observations are made:

  1. Business Activity: Nikola Corp’s percentage of revenue from non-Halal business activities stands at a modest 1.94%, comfortably within the permissible limit.
  2. Interest-bearing Securities and Assets: The company’s interest-bearing securities and assets account for 6.68% of its market capitalization. This figure, though higher than the business activity percentage, still falls within the acceptable range for Shariah compliance.
  3. Interest-bearing Debt: The debt percentage is calculated at 7.73%, which is also within the acceptable threshold as per the standards.


Considering these metrics, Nikola Corp’s stock emerges as a HALAL Stock. On a scale of five, it garners a three-star rating for Halal compliance.

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