Sam Altman: Human-Level AI’s Impact Less Than Expected

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman has downplayed fears that the advent of advanced artificial intelligence, specifically artificial general intelligence (AGI), will dramatically transform the world and job market.

AGI: Not as Disruptive as Predicted

Speaking at a Bloomberg-organized event at the World Economic Forum, Altman emphasized that the impact of AGI on society and employment will be less drastic than widely anticipated. He hinted that the development of AGI could happen in the near future but cautioned against overestimating its immediate effects.

ChatGPT: A Step Towards AGI

Altman, leading the company that brought ChatGPT to the public in late 2022, has consistently sought to temper the expectations surrounding AI’s capabilities. Before the launch of GPT-4 in March, he warned of potential disappointment, suggesting that the hype around AGI was premature.

OpenAI’s Mission and Challenges

Founded in 2015 with backing from Microsoft and a near $100 billion valuation, OpenAI’s mission is to safely achieve AGI. Altman discussed the potential of AI to exacerbate economic inequalities, especially in the context of the US presidential elections, acknowledging it as a concern but also highlighting AI’s role as a powerful productivity tool.

AI Safety and OpenAI’s Leadership Turmoil

Concerns about AI safety have been central to discussions about OpenAI, culminating in Altman’s brief removal as CEO in November due to a loss of confidence by the board. However, his swift reinstatement following support from employees and investors underscored his key role in the company. Microsoft’s strengthened position in OpenAI, with a nonvoting board observer seat, marks a significant development in the company’s governance.

While acknowledging the transformative potential of AGI, Altman’s remarks suggest a more measured and gradual integration of AI into society and the economy, contrasting with more radical predictions of AI’s impact.

Source: CNBC

How to Invest in Open AI Stock?

Currently, it’s not possible to invest directly in OpenAI as it hasn’t gone public, and there are no immediate plans for an IPO. OpenAI CEO Sam Altman has indicated that an IPO is unlikely while he’s at the helm.

The most direct way to invest in OpenAI’s success is through Microsoft, which has heavily invested in OpenAI and integrated its technologies into their products, like Bing and Microsoft 365.

While not a direct investor, Nvidia benefits significantly from the AI boom, as its GPUs are crucial for AI applications.

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