Top 5 and Reliable Islamic Finance Blogs for Your Reference

Here we pick five of the best and reliable Islamic finance blogs that you can use as your reference.

Zawya is the leading source of regional information and intelligence for many professionals in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the rest of MENA. The website is available in both English and Arabic. is a part of Revinitive, one of the world’s leading providers of financial market data and infrastructure. This website provides daily news and market analysis from the regional and global markets.

It provides you with real-time news on equities, commodities, and currencies. The website also covers news from various industries such as tourism, technology, aviation, healthcare, construction, banking, and so on. Furthermore, ZAWYA’s Wealth and SME sections publish content on current developments entrepreneurs, investments, wealth management, and start-ups in the Middle East. You can find them on the internet at

Islamic Finance Guru (IFG)

Islamic FinanceGuru (IFG) aims to help Muslims (non-Muslims as well) to learn about Islamic finance, halal investment, personal finance and entrepreneurship. The vision of this blog is to bring Muslims from the poorest to the richest through Islamic finance education. Moreover, you can find a clear and easy explanation about Islamic finance knowledge in this blog. They also provide informative videos tackling important issues in Islamic finance. Besides, they also provide webinars, courses, reviews, and also telegram groups. You can check their website at provides news and content with a special interest in the field of Islamic social and humanitarian. Michael Gassner is the editor of this blog. He is the director and head of Islamic finance of Bank J. Safra Sarasi, Switzerland. mission is to support the Islamic banking and takaful industry with news abstracts, opinions, a free encyclopedia and networking. Furthermore, the blog may also accept consulting tasks occasionally. It continuously monitors industry news, summarizes it with a news abstract, and allows users to subscribe to it via RSS, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms. It also offers networking options via Linkedin and its member section, as well as provides industry opinion via the blog section. You can visit this blog on You can also check on their Islamic Stock Screening and Islamic Fintech Telegram as well as WhatsApp group on Islamic Green Finance.

IslamicMarket offers solutions to assist professionals and institutions in navigating the global Islamic economy. In addition, it also aims to maximize Islamic finance’s commercial opportunity and provides three types of solutions;

  • IslamicMarkets IQ: a dedicated market intelligence platform that offers access to financial intelligence and the most recent investment opportunities.
  • IslamicMarket Learning: provides a learning platform designed according to industry needs. It also includes the workshops led by expert trainers and 200+ modules that can be customized.
  • IM Messanger, a collaborative tool for connecting the world’s largest and established Islamic industry professionals community.

To access their solutions, you may need to pay for a subscription. However, you can sign up to their website for free to get the basics of their service, including education articles, basic data, and publications. you can visit their website at


Musaffa is a New York-based Fintech company providing free shariah stock screening, free Islamic Finance education, and a fully Shariah-compliant trading investment platform. Besides, It also provides a blog academy where you can learn about Islamic Finance and Halal Investment materials. You can understand important investment terms and fundamental concepts to make a better halal investment. moreover, Blog articles cover the most interesting and necessary questions that are asked by Muslim investors. Soon, the blog will offer educational courses and videos for better understanding. This learning platform is free for everyone who wants to learn about Islamic finance and halal investment. Feel free to join Musaffa academy to learn about Islamic Finance to make smart halal investing decisions. visit our blog at

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