Things About Islamic Finance News Provider – Zawya You Want to Know

The website is one of the Islamic Finance news and information based websites, which is a part of Refinity Middle East. serves millions of professionals monthly with up-to-date business, financial markets, and industry news from the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and the rest of MENA(the Middle East and North African countries). The website is created in both English and Arabic languages.

ZAWYA provides its users with the latest news and analysis from regional and global markets throughout the day. You can get to know more about equities, commodities, and currencies updated on a real-time basis on the website. So far, Zawya has taken a dominant role among Islamic Finance news providers. Furthermore, the company’s membership solutions provide content and tools, including detailed information about regional projects for investors and business professionals. It helps them to make intelligent investment decisions and build profitable relationships.

Zawya generates financial and business content across different industries. It is a provider of news on construction, healthcare, banking, technology, aviation, energy, tourism, and education for two decades. ZAWYA provides exclusive content and resources, such as thorough profiles and regular updates on different sector enterprises in the region. Additionally, it presents unparalleled reporting on the MENA financial markets, macroeconomics, legal issues, and government policies.

Zawya Website Sections

The website includes several sections, one of which is the Economy section containing a wealth of reliable, accurate, and timely information. Certainly, this section focuses on economic outlooks, insights into the status of various economies, and news on jobs and infrastructure in the Gulf countries, the Middle East, and around the world.

ZAWYA’s Wealth, SME, Projects, and Legal sections provide comprehensive coverage of current events on the real-time transformations in investments worlds, wealth management, construction tenders, start-ups, entrepreneurs, infrastructure, and Middle Eastern government policies.

The Life section is more inventive, providing the most recent news from the worlds of entertainment, travel, tourism, and sport.

With its image galleries and many videos from throughout the world, the multimedia section gives a window to the world.

ZAWYA’s coverage has grown over the previous 20 years. And it now includes a “special coverage” section that gives an in-depth analysis of significant regional initiatives and international developments.

Moreover, ZAWYA supports business development through research studies, corporate databases throughout the MENA region. Company experts can access the listing of companies in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) that span ten significant sectors, supporting regional business development activities.

Establishment of Zawya

ZAWYA was first founded in London, the UK, in 2000. After that, it was relocated to Dubai in 2002. ZAWYA was the first company in the Middle East to offer online subscriptions, with profiles of hundreds of firms and projects. Later, Thomson Reuters acquired Zawya Ltd in June 2012. Nowadays, serves more than 1 million individuals monthly.

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