Top 3 Universities To Study Islamic Finance In The UK

More and more universities in the UK have started to offer Islamic Finance courses since the industry has developed significantly over the years. Nowadays, the UK is one of the main hubs for Islamic Finance especially for Islamic finance education among other European countries. In this blog article, we introduce the top 3 universities to study Islamic Finance in the UK.

Durham University

Durham University is a public research university situated in England and offers the best Islamic Finance education. After Oxford and Cambridge, it has been the third oldest university in England for more than 600 years. Especially, its programs in Islamic Finance come among top rankings for both quality and reputation. Durham Islamic Finance postgraduate programs provide professional education and training in relevant areas of Islamic finance and banking. The university offers the following programs for Islamic Finance learners :

 Durham Islamic Finance Summer School

 MSc Islamic Finance

 MSc Islamic Finance and Management

 PhD by Research

University of Bolton

The Centre for Islamic Finance in Bolton university was launched in 2012 under the supervision of Director and Professor Mohammed Abdel-Haq. University of Bolton values difference and respects diversity. Moreover, the university is home to one of the most significant numbers of Muslim students in the UK. 

The University of Bolton offers the following courses in Islamic Finance:

MBA Islamic Finance Executive (Part-time Full-time)

PhD&MPhil Islamic Finance courses

MA Management Islamic Banking Sarajevo

University of Dundee

The University of Dundee acquires a strong background in teaching traditional finance and economics. The university’s Business faculty offers Islamic finance MSc degree jointly with Al Maktoum College in Dundee.

This program covers the fundamental concepts of Islamic finance, banking, and economy and the study of conventional finance. In addition, The students will learn about Islamic commercial laws, Islamic financial institutions, products, Islamic capital markets, and operations of Islamic banks.

As part of core modules, students learn different business-related courses such as international business strategies, global risk analysis, global financial markets, and international trade. Indeed, this degree will also provide you with knowledge in business strategy, operations, finance, and investment.

You will also have the opportunity to undertake a global internship as part of this course. 

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