Top 5 Investment Advice by Warren Buffett

Top 5 Investment Advices by Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett’s investment advice has stood the test of time. Investors can avoid some of the usual pitfalls that damage returns and threaten financial goals by following Buffett’s investment advice. In the following, we will introduce the top 5 Investment Advice by Warren Buffett

Investment Advice by Warren Buffett

1. Buy S&P 500 index funds

While Buffett is unquestionably the world’s most recognized stock picker, he believes that ordinary people should not invest in particular stocks. Adopting years, he has advocated for S&P 500 index funds as the most remarkable approach for most Americans to accumulate wealth.

Buffett specifies that they should put 90% of his personal wealth in S&P 500 index funds in his will. The remaining 10% will be invested in short-term US Treasury bonds.

2. Keep the fees low

As Buffett repeatedly points out, most fund managers who attempt to outperform a broad index such as the S&P 500 will underperform in the long run. That’s why he despises fund managers that charge high investment fees despite a mediocre track record.

When investing in S&P 500 index funds, strive for the lowest expense ratio feasible. The smaller the expense ratio, the more money you put into the investment. For example, if you put $1,000 in a fund with a 0.1% expense ratio, $999 is invested, and the remaining $1 is spent on fees.

3. Invest in companies as an owner and not as a speculator

We are all aware that developing, maintaining, and sustaining growth is a long-term task. When you invest in a company, you rely on its future growth potential. When you invest in a public company, you become a part-owner of that company. If you invest in companies for quick short-term gains, you may make money for some time, but not for a long period. We all want to have a stable portfolio that serves as an anchor for our overall financial situation. You can accomplish this by approaching stock investment more as an owner, in which you give companies time to grow, perform, and provide strong, sustainable returns for you consistently over the long term.

4. Never borrow money to invest

There are many times when stock market greed takes over, and many investors want to invest every penny in maximizing their return.
Some will even go so far as to borrow money or take out a loan to invest in the stock market, believing that the cost of borrowing is lower than the expected returns from the stock market.
Borrowing money to invest is never a good idea because the stock market investment has a high risk. If the situation changes, you will lose your investment and your personal wealth because you will have to repay the borrowed money used to invest.
Following your defined investment allocation through your existing monthly excess and existing investment is reliable.

5. Practice dollar-cost averaging

The following Investment Advice by Warren Buffett is to practice dollar-cost averaging.

Buffett isn’t a fan of market timing. He told CNBC in February, at the outset of the coronavirus pandemic, “you can’t predict the market by reading the daily newspaper.”

Like his mentor Benjamin Graham, Buffett believes in dollar-cost averaging, which means investing regularly at fixed intervals regardless of what’s occurring in the stock market. So, when he advises funds that track a broad-based index like the S&P 500, he says: “Don’t put your money in everything at once; do it over time.”

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