5 Best Islamic Finance Books 2021 For Your Reading

5 Best Islamic Finance Books For Your Reading

“What are the best Islamic Finance books that I should read?” is a common question among people who want to learn more about Islamic finance. In today’s article, we will talk about books that help you to learn more about Islamic Finance. In addition, some of them help you to develop your personal finance too! We have a pretty long list of books, however this time we have decided to pick 5 books for you.


Islamic Finance Books in 2021

1. Fundamentals of Islamic Finance and Banking – Syeda Fahmida Habib

A complete handbook for anyone interested in learning more about Islamic finance.

  • Provides an overview of Islamic finance’s history.
  • Covers Sharia Law concepts especially on money and banking
  • Goes over the six main Islamic banking products in detail: Murabaha, Mudaraba, Musharaka, Ijara, Salam, and Istisna.
  • Examines Islamic insurance (Takaful)
  • Presents an overview of Islamic investment.
  • Ends with a discussion of the Islamic Finance and Banking industry’s global standing.
2. Financial Innovation and Engineering in Islamic Finance – Samir Alamad

The author’s policy idea is intriguing and industry-shaking.

Financial Innovation and Engineering in Islamic Finance is a practical contribution to Islamic Finance knowledge. This knowledge could serve as the foundation for a standardized framework for the sector.

The book finishes with a discussion of the findings’ policy and management implications, as well as suggestions for future research.

3. Introduction to Islamic Fintech – Mufti Faraz Adam

This book is aimed at those who are interested in the application of technology to Islamic finance.
Introduction to Islamic Fintech is an excellent primer that not only clarifies the entire world of Fintech but also equips the reader to navigate their way through it. Moreover, blockchain, smart contracts, crypto-assets, alternative finance, crowdfunding, investment-based technologies, neo-banking, banking-as-a-service, insurtech, and Zakattech are among the topics covered in this book.

4. Principles of Islamic Accounting – Nabil Baydoun

Concepts of Islamic Accounting is a must-read for first-year university students studying Islamic accounting, as well as professional societies and organizations that promote the implementation of Islamic accounting principles, such as The Islamic Finance Professionals Association.

 5. Islamic Finance for Dummies – Faleel Jamaldeen

Who is this book for? While this book does not have a cult following, it does have a loyal following of readers. Moreover, the variety of topics covered in Islamic Finance for Dummies is where it shines. This book aims to inform you on a lot of things in an easy way to understand.

The following items are included in the content:

  • Examines the role of Islamic finance in the growth of the financial system and economies – Examines the dangers and advantages of Islamic banking – Examines the Islamic finance industry’s future possibilities and opportunities

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