What You Want to Know About Yielders Halal Property Investment

Yielders, an equity-based crowdfunding platform for UK property investment offers halal (Shariah-compliant) property investments. Property investments are a good ingredient for your diversified portfolio. So, recently there have emerged many platforms similar to Yielders that offer property investment options for a smaller amount. Thus, you can invest together with other investors in a small part of a property that you can not afford to buy alone.

What is Yielders?

Yielders is a crowd investing real-estate investment platform that gives you a chance to invest in halal UK properties. Yielders is the UK’s first Islamic finance fintech company. You can earn consistent and competitive returns from as little as £100. Interestingly, assets at Yielders are already funded, so it offers pre-defined rental incomes, which means investors have the chance to earn returns immediately after they are in. Yielders’ business model provides its clients with rental income on the 1st of every month for over three years.

Is Yielders halal investment?

Yielders work based on an ethical investment model. Thus, there are no mortgages, interest, debt, or hidden fees. This model allows growing your wealth without compromising on your values.

Who are Yielders for?

Yielders are suitable for any investor. It does not matter whether you are saving for your retirement, your new home, or your children’s education.

How to invest in Yielders?

It is a very quick process. You need to fill in the basic information that any platform like this requires, plus proof of ID and address. Then you will have to wait until the system confirms your details. After confirmation, you are good to put in a deposit and invest.

How to deposit to Yielders?

You can deposit using your card or bank. Since card deposits are restricted to £1500, you may want to transfer the deposit via your bank.

Yielders email update

Yielders actively engage with you and send an email update every month. The email reports how much rent you have received, how much is sent to your wallet, and how much your current portfolio is worth. It can help to keep a soundtrack of your particular investment.

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