Why did Musaffa Introduced the Premium Services?

Musaffa’s journey has always been about providing high-quality, Halal investment services. As we grow and evolve, so do our aspirations to offer you more value and enhanced features. This transition from a free model to a premium subscription is a significant step in that direction.

Musaffa’s Commitment to Promoting Halal Investment Through Free Services

Since its inception, Musaffa has been dedicated to promoting Islamic Finance by offering free services. This commitment has been pivotal in providing valuable financial insights and ensuring that investments align with Shariah principles. Our mission has always been to make Islamic financial services accessible to all, understanding the importance for fellow Muslims to verify the Shariah compliance status of stocks and ETFs easily.

So Why Does Musaffa Introduce Premium Services? 

Enhancing Quality and Service 

As we introduce new features and enhance our existing services, the operational costs of our business have increased. To maintain and continue improving the quality of our services, we have introduced a minimal fee for our premium plan. This plan includes extra features designed to provide more in-depth financial insights and tools. However, we remain committed to offering free services, particularly for essential functionalities like checking the Shariah compliance status of stocks.

Our decision is driven by a commitment to improve and expand our services. Over the years, we have taken your feedback seriously and have worked relentlessly to enhance your experience with Musaffa. The introduction of Musaffa Premium represents our dedication to bringing you even greater value and exclusive benefits.

Investing in Your Future 

Transitioning to a premium model is essential for us to maintain and elevate the level of service you expect. This change enables us to invest in advanced tools, more comprehensive features, and a robust platform that aligns with your Halal investment needs.

Continuing to Deliver Value 

While this change might come as a surprise, it is a strategic move to ensure the sustainability and growth of our services. We assure you that the core features, like Shariah screening for stocks and ETFs, will remain free. The premium subscription is about offering you additional, more advanced tools to enhance your investment journey.

Besides, The premium plan is a strategic step towards investing in app improvements, including the expedited launch of our trading platform. It also allows us to hire more analysts, such as Financial Quality Assurance analysts, to enhance the speed and accuracy of our platform. We’ve implemented a rigorous three-step stock analysis process involving at least three analysts reviewing each stock before its Shariah-compliance status is published. Ensuring accuracy in compliance is crucial as we deal with matters of faith.

Your Success, Our Priority 

Our focus remains steadfast on your success and satisfaction. We believe that Musaffa Premium will open new doors for your halal investment strategies and help you achieve your financial goals while adhering to your ethical and religious beliefs.

Supporting Musaffa’s Growth and the Development of Islamic Finance

The introduction of the premium plan is a crucial move to support Musaffa’s longevity and take it to the next level. While we have offered our app for free for a long time, we now seek your support in this new phase. 

By opting for the premium plan, which costs less than a cup of coffee per month, you contribute not only to Musaffa’s growth but also to the broader development of Islamic finance and the ummah. Your support ensures that your investments remain Shariah-compliant, aligning with our shared faith. We deeply appreciate your trust and look forward to continuing this journey together, fostering the growth and accessibility of Islamic finance.

Journey from a Free App to One of the Most Downloaded in Islamic Finance

Our journey began with a focus on improving and expanding our services, which led to covering a broader range of global stocks and ETFs. Thanks to your unwavering support, Musaffa’s app has become one of the most downloaded in the Islamic Finance category, receiving high user ratings. This growth has been a testament to our commitment to quality and user satisfaction.

We understand that change can be daunting. That’s why we’re offering a 7-day free trial period, allowing you to experience the full potential of Musaffa Premium.

Please feel free to contact our support team at support@musaffa.com if you have any inquiries or need assistance with the transition.


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