Worried about Rising Gas Prices: Find Out How to Save on Gas

When the gas price increases, people start wondering how they can save the gas consumption to save their budget. In this article, we will introduce you to 6 ways to save on gas consumption. In the past weeks, Americans have experienced high prices when they fill up their tank at the gas stations. When the gas price reached $4.33 per gallon with the highest record of all times, according to AAA, a few weeks ago, the national average price remained elevated at $4.24 per gallon. In some states, such as California, the average cost of a gallon of gas is even higher, about $6. As data shows, the previous high prices were in 2008. According to experts, the situation likely will not get better soon. They say that it might even worsen, so drivers want to know about ways to save on gas.

6 Ways to Save on Gas Prices

1. Use a price comparison websites or apps to check gas prices

You compare gas prices using price comparison tools, such as GasBuddy, to find the cheapest gas nearby. If there are several gas stations in your area, one station may offer more affordable gas prices. You have several gas stations when you compare the prices to other nearby stations. Even though the savings may seem minimal, going to the most affordable gas station results in significant savings in the long term.

2. Join gas loyalty programs

If you are a loyal customer of a specific gas station chain, ensure that you join their loyalty program. These loyalty programs offer drivers to save at least a few pennies off the cost of gas just by being a consistent customer of the gas station. If you spend more money and purchase gas regularly, you can get significant savings. This is one of the simple ways to save on gas prices.

3. Be Strategic With Your Travel

Driving less is an effective way of reducing gas expenses. However, you can also think to drive more strategically along with going less. For instance, you can make plans beforehand and combine errands. As Fueleconomy.gov reports, several short trips, each starting from a cold start, require twice as much fuel as one trip covering the same distance when the engine is warm. When you’re behind the wheel, it also helps to drive wisely and avoid aggressive driving, such as speeding, change of direction, and hard braking.

4. Avoid Using Premium Gas

You are spending extra money if you opt for using premium class over regular gas. Of course, it is acceptable when your car technically requires it; however, you won’t get any further benefits if your vehicle doesn’t need premium gas. The main difference between regular gas and premium gas is their price. It is specified in your car’s manual whether your vehicle requires premium or regular gas.

5. Use Cash at the Pump

Many gas stations offer a certain amount of discount if you pay with cash. Depending on your location, it can be somewhere from 5 to 10 cents per gallon. These discounts can seem small; however, paying cash over time can bring savings.

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