Simple Facts To Remember About Zoya and Musaffa, the Halal Investment Apps

Simple Facts To Remember About Zoya and Musaffa

What is Zoya?

Zoya is a reliable, easy-to-use, and user-friendly stock screener and halal investment app. At Zoya, you can go through shariah compliance reports for about 12,000 US, UK, and Canadian stocks and groups separate stocks. Zoya app gives an overview of all the stocks in the market and screens if the stock is halal or not. You get the full report about why the stock is halal or haram.


Introduction about Zoya members and their vision

Zoya was founded by 2 childhood friends: Saad Malik and Bilal Quadri. A famous American Islamic expert JoeBradford, who holds a master of Islamic Law from Medina University, is an advisor at Zoya. Their vision is to help Muslims around the world to take the control of their financial future. Furthermore, they want to make finance serve for the sake of Muslim investors as well.

Zoya Screening

While analyzing the stock for halalness, Zoya looks at whether the company has a lot of debt, interest, high liquidity or storing lots of cash.
According to the analysis of Zoya, the compliance status of the stock is categorized as follows: compliant, questionable, and non-compliant. For instance: based on the Zoya app screening result, the compliance status of Apple stock is questionable. It is because 18% of the income comes from non-halal business activities. Whilst Zoya confirms famous company Tesla to be shariah-compliant stock. Also, Zoya shows that Altria company which produces tobacco and e-cigarettes to be non-shariah compliant. Because 100% of Altria’s revenue comes from haram business activities. Moreover, Altria has a lot of debt as well.

Zoya app is a very helpful tool because it provides not only full reports about stocks but also it offers news, articles about the stocks. Moreover, if the compliance status of your stock changes, you can receive an email update. Moreover, Zoya halal investment app offers alternative halal stocks to your non-compliant stocks.

We introduce you below another great option for stock screening like Zoya halal investment app.

Musaffa Screening Service

Musaffa is a New York-based Fintech company that also provides halal stock screening services. With the guidance of world-renowned Shariah advisors, Musaffa has developed and officially launched its very own in-house state-of-the-art proprietary halal stock & ETF screener. The company is laser-like, focused on producing and providing the most accurate and comprehensive halal stock & ETF screening service in the market. For every stock, Musaffa covers and guarantees the accuracy of Shariah-compliance status based on AAIOFI methodology.

Here are some important highlights of the company’s progress:

• Its exceptional financial analysts produce an accurate and comprehensive report on each publicly-traded company by analyzing all publicly available information, including annual and quarterly reports, company websites, company presentations, press releases, and much more.

• It offers three Shariah-compliance statuses for the stocks it covers: Halal, Not Halal, and Questionable. The stocks Musaffa has not yet analyzed will be under “Coming Soon” status.

• Musaffa divides the Shariah-compliant stock universe into five groups and ranks them from 1 to 5. The higher the ranking, the more Shariah-compliant the stock is. For example, suppose a particular stock receives a ranking of 5. In that case, that stock belongs to the most Shariah-compliant stocks group. While the stock that receives a ranking of 1, that stock belongs to the least Shariah-compliant stock group.

• Today, Musaffa covers over 1000 stocks in Indonesian, Malaysian, and United States markets. Musaffa will keep covering more stocks every week and constantly update their Shariah-compliance statuses on the platform.

While Zoya charges for its stock screening services, Musaffa currently offers its essential services entirely for free. What is more, Musaffa plans to expand worldwide, and that is, it will soon be covering stocks from all over the world.

Musaffa Also Offers Trading And Islamic Finance Education Services

Unlike Zoya, Musaffa offers a fully Shariah-compliant trading investment platform in the development process now. Besides, it currently runs a blog academy where you can learn about Islamic Finance and Halal Investment at no charge. Furthermore, Musaffa also has a forum called Muslim Investors Community where people post different questions related to halal investing and get answers from other Muslim fellows.

Musaffa doesn’t shy away from hard work and never takes shortcuts to deliver the highest quality service. Please feel free to register at

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